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4uand4me is all about sharing great food.

We want to share the delicious tastes and incredible aromas that we so many times take for granted when we live in countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy; all now here in the UK, just 4u.

Be adventurous,

open your mind to 
new tasting experiences.

4uand4me is a portgourmet brand


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Our Partners

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity.”                               Louise Fresco

MACAR, The Finer Things


With one bite, taste the luxurious union of some of the finest Greek flavours...   Ladotyri Cheese matured in Extra Virgin Kalamata Olive Oil, both exclusive products of protected Greek origin (P.D.O), especially joined together by MACAR for gourmet lovers with eclectic taste.

With only a limited number of quantities produced each year due to the importance placed on the island’s premium milk seasonality, MACAR guarantees the premium quality and exclusivity of its products. Each glass jar Macar lovingly prepares is handled with great care and marked by an exclusive annual production number.  Find out more at macar.gr

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IAMVI, Made by us, for you

IAMVI is family-run business that produces handmade spoon sweets, drawing their inspiration from traditional recipes that they've kept unchanged for three generations. From the heart of Patras, Greece,  IAMVI relies on the agricultural goods that the wider area generously offers it people, a natural wealth of exceptional variety and quality.

IAMVI uses only exquisite pure ingredients, placing great emphasis on careful selection and sorting of fruit to achieve its delicious flavor. Its products are available in limited quantities as they operate on the basis of the seasonality of each fruit. This procedure ensures its high quality and its absolutely incredible and beautiful tastes.  Find out more at iamvi.gr.


The centenary olive grove and the experience of many generations dedicated to olive oil and the lands of São Pedro de Vale do Conde, a priviledged place within the PDO region of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal, allow the production of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil of intense aromas, fruity flavor and extreme complexity, whose quality has been highlighted by the most prestigious experts.   "Sometimes we can't see your smile, but there's a way of we can feel it..."

Find out more at quintavaledoconde.pt, the Olive Oil, the Farm, the Real Estate.

Aromas of green and ripe tomato, banana and rosemary. Tastes of chicory, bitter sorrel with rocket and radish pepperiness in the mid and back palate. Beautifully balanced and harmonious.

QUINTA VALE do CONDE, We honour our valley, and our valley repays us with its bounty.


VIRGILLIANT, Limited as aprivilege for few.

2917 numbered pieces, each for every meter to the top of the mythical Mt Olympus.  Named after its source of inspiration, the land, an imposing mountain as the reputation of Gods.  Multivarietal as Olympus's biodiversity, flavoured as the scents of all the 1700 species of plants that grow in Mt Olympus.  An Olive Oil of unique quality for delightful creations.

A traditional cultivation inherited from previous generations, made to reach the consumer with high quality and taste, as well as the richest nutritional values ​​for a healthy diet.  With vineyards located at an altitude of 800 meters, the ideal place for the best possible quality and exquisite taste.  Know more at prigipissastafida.gr

PRIGIPISSA STAFIDA, Knowledge, Respect and Love

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